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5 Reasons why a ‘Spring’ clean for your home is good for You!

National Spring Cleaning week, (yes there is such a thing!), in the UK may have been and gone, but you can still spring clean or deep clean your home.
“Why would I want to do that?” I hear you ask. “Isn’t that what they did in my mothers/grandmothers day, not now in the 21st century?” Well, maybe our mothers and grandmothers were right (as they frequently are!!).

Here are 5 reasons why YOU would benefit from a one-off deep clean of your home:

1) Good for your stress levels
Stress and anxiety are less common when your home is clear of dirty dishes in the sink or from a pile of dust on her black TV stand that your child has written ‘Clean me’ in it with their finger tip. Deep cleaning involves cleaning what you don’t clean on a regular basis, so wipe and polish windows, dust and wipe blinds, wipe dirt off and dust air vents and fans (great breeding ground for germs), and clear cobwebs off ceiling corners and walls. We all know that endorphins are the ‘feel good’ hormones and these are released automatically because of the subconscious exercise that takes place when you clean. This is also a chance to let fresh air in and boost your spirits and self esteem Make your house sparkle and you’ll not stop smiling – you can’t be stressed and smile at the same time! If after reading this you still can’t get round to giving your home a much needed deep clean, why not ask us for help? We wont tell anyone!! Click here to contact us for a free no obligation quote:

2) Be more organised
Returning to a de-cluttered and clean home charges you with energy and encourages your mind to be organised and restful. If you haven’t used or worn an item since last year then you don’t need it now! So throw away the broken umbrella hanging in the hallway, throw away out-of-date tins and packets of food and throw away old/unwanted magazine and newspapers. Once you’ve de-cluttered you may want to consider re-arranging the layout of the lounge or bedroom. After a long period of time your mind falls into a routine, so making these changes can reawaken you. Why don’t you organise for Cleanup Cleaners to carryout a deep clean for your home, by clicking here:

3) A great workout
Did you know that dusting, sweeping, mopping, making beds and cleaning showers all add up to a lot of “incidental activity” — some health experts view this type of activity as potentially more beneficial than “official” workouts at the gym? You can also burn up to 250 calories an hour doing housework. Another benefit is it exercises all the major muscle groups – think about the wide range of movements involved in housework — walking, stretching, bending and lifting. A workout also releases those happy hormones! However if the gym still appeals to you BUT you want your home to benefit from a deep clean, contact us by clicking here:

4) Feel free
I’m sure you vacuum once or twice a week and put toilet cleaner down the toilet frequently, but when did you last clean under your kitchen cupboards or clean your oven or the inside of the windows? Have I hit a nerve?! Sorry. However, rest assured, you are definitely not alone. We have a mental ‘To do’ list of all those areas in our homes that don’t get the TLC they deserve on a weekly/monthly basis, and they mount up and up. Just imagine for a moment the huge sigh of relief and freedom you’ll feel once your home has been deep cleaned – everything ticked off your ‘To do’ list. Just one click here to organise your deep clean and you can give another sigh of relief. Contact us on

5) Make your home inviting to others
You’re probably not aware that in your own home you can feel lonely, lazy or down, wondering why you don’t invite friends and family over to visit. You probably blame it on the kids mess, or you’re too busy working to entertain or too many things need mending in the house. Well I have some good news! Because you can’t get rid of the kids (yet!) and you need to work (don’t we all!) and mending or replacing things costs money, how about if you were to de-clutter each room (sell stuff you no longer need!), and deep clean and air your home? Your home will straight away reflect a brighter and happier image giving you the confidence to invite guests over. If you just simply don’t have the time, we do, so click here: and invite us over to bring your home back to life and be the envy of your guests!

If after you have or we have, spring/deep cleaned your home, why don’t you think about using one of our experienced domestic cleaners? With 1 in 3 families (see report: doing this it must be a good idea. Give us a call today on 01189110200 or visit our website for a quote here:  Now you can relax and put your feet up!

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